Acesis BioMed is a Colorado (USA) & London (UK) based biomedical company operating through Acesis Holdings Corporation and its subsidiaries – Acesis Biomed US, Inc. and Acesis Biomed Ltd - developing a platform of oral drug candidates for metabolic and endocrine disorders, initially focusing on male hypogonadism treatment (low T)

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Key Facts


Expected safety

  • We are developing a pipeline of pharmaceutical products focusing on metabolic and endocrine disorders with the first indication male hypogonadism
  • Acesis’ lead drug candidate ACE-167, is a non-steroid treatment instructing the testis to produce T with an expected superior safety profile
  • Oral administration which facilitates compliance for hypogonadal patients

Experienced team

  • Exceptional team with decades of experience in the Life Sciences
  • Experienced leadership in running public and private companies
  • On a path to execute an accelerated development plan for transitioning towards First-in-Man clinical trial within ~ 24 months

Growing target markets

  • Declining T levels are a major global health care concern affecting between 10% and 40% of the male population
  • As the global male population ages, the market for Acesis’ treatment grows
  • High prevalence of hypogonadism (~ 40%) has been reported in patients with Diabetes (type 2) - additional market growth

Global male hypogonadism opportunity


$3.1 Billion USD


$3.6 Billion USD



1 Global Male Hypogonadism Market Size, Share 2021-2026 to Post a CAGR of Includes Business Research, Key players, Market Growth, Complete Industry Analysis, Revenue, Future Trends 2026 - MarketWatch